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Hi, My name is Muhamad Hanafiah Yahya. I’m CTO, the lead developer and co-founder of Kreydle Sdn Bhd. Additionally, I’m the co-founder of ashadee.com. We develop cool SAAS in Kreydle such as linktrackr.com ,  nichify.net and many more.

I started my programming language with cobol during collage year, and VB6, VBA, ASP, Delphi / Pascal, C & C++ at work. Starting year 2009, I decided to focus on web application and choose PHP as my primary server side language together with javascript for the client side.

I'm currently 394 km away from my office. I do coding surrounded by palm trees. Far from busy and congested environment. I have no cinema, no giant and no jusco here but I do have more oxygen, nice beach and the most important is 8mb Steamyx connection ;). Thats plenty enough for me to live a life.

How do I manage my work? We do our daily and weekly meeting through Skype and Google hangout. We update and version control our code using Github. We write our plan on Basecamp. We serve our apps at AWS and ServInt. Occasionally, I came to office for the quarter and important meeting.

You can reach me through facebook , LinkedIn and GitHub .

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